The Players Behind Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches’: See the Full Credits thumbnail

The Players Behind Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches’: See the Full Credits

Main Artist – Justin Bieber
Featured Artist – Daniel Caesar
Featured Artist – Giveon

Composer Lyricist – Aaron Simmonds
Composer Lyricist – Andrew Wotman
Composer Lyricist – Ashton Simmonds
Composer Lyricist – Bernard Harvey
Composer Lyricist – Felisha King
Composer Lyricist – Giveon Dezmann Evans
Composer Lyricist – Justin Bieber
Composer Lyricist – Keavan Yazdani
Composer Lyricist – Louis Bell
Composer Lyricist – Luis Manuel Martinez Jr
Composer Lyricist – Matthew Sean Leon

Producer – HARV
Producer – Shndo

Production Team:
Vocal Producer – Andrew Watt
Vocal Producer – Josh Gudwin

Assistant Mixer – Heidi Wang
Asst. Recording Engineer – Ryan Lytle
Mastering Engineer – Colin Leonard
Mixer – Josh Gudwin
Vocal Engineer – Andrew Watt
Vocal Engineer – Josh Gudwin

Associated Performer – Andrew Watt
Associated Performer – Josh Gudwin
Bass – HARV
Guitar – HARV
Keyboards – HARV
Piano – HARV

Distributor – Universal Music Group
Label – RBMG/Def Jam

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