The Snyder Cut of Justice League gets new trailer at DC FanDome


The Snyder Cut will be available in four parts on HBO Max.


The Snyder Cut trailer is here! If you’ve been following director Zack Snyder on his multiple social media platforms (he’s a fan of Vero as well as Twitter), you’ll be steeped in the teases for his version of Justice League, landing on HBO Max sometime next year.

Now cast everything aside and feast your eyes on the full teaser trailer dropped at the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League panel Saturday at virtual convention DC FanDome.

Major things of note from the trailer debuted at FanDome: Our first major look at Darkseid, along with some additional footage of The Flash and Cyborg. The trailer features Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, which might be the most Zack Snyder part of the whole thing.

After stepping back due to the death of his daughter and leaving Joss Whedon to complete the movie for the theatrical cut, Snyder finally got the green light (and a big budget) by WarnerMedia and HBO Max to revisit his superhero ensemble blockbuster and bring his original vision to life.

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Snyder said his cut would appear on HBO Max in four hour-long parts, but would also be available to watch as a complete movie once all four parts had been released — which seems… strange. Snyder also said DC was working on a distribution plan for regions where HBO Max isn’t available.

In the lead up to the 24-hour online FanDome, Snyder’s been drip-feeding us stills, clips and design changes to his version of 2017’s Justice League. Recently we saw a new, spikier design for villain Steppenwolf, plus a short teaser showing the inclusion of villain Darkseid, who was cut from the theatrical version.

Snyder also confirmed Superman’s black suit will make an appearance, and there’s even talk of a different end-credits scene.

There was also controversy, when the trailer leaked early, leading Snyder to get into an online stoush with Forbes film critic Scott Mendelson, who’d criticized the trailer for looking a bit too similar to the original.

You said you enjoyed the theatrical cut of Justice League like you enjoy your Saturday morning cartoons… Well this is made for grownups, so you’re not in the demographic. Also, cool of you to comment on a leaked teaser. @ScottMendelson

— Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) August 22, 2020

“[T]his is a movie for grownups,” Snyder tweeted.

During the panel discussion, Snyder dropped more details on other abandoned characters like genius size-shifter Atom, Martian Manhunter and The Green Lantern.

For everything Snyder has teased so far on The Snyder Cut, head to our big explainer here. And for all you need to know about signing up to HBO Max, head here.

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