‘The Voice’ Contestant Kala Banham Produces Tears With ‘Unbelievable’ Blind Audition: Watch


“You are unbelievable. You’ve got such a storytelling voice, so sweet so beautiful,” Niall Horan enthused.

Kala Banham performs on “The Voice”.

NBC’s “The Voice.”

No blind audition is the same. And precisely no singer on NBC’s The Voice has made an arrival quite like Kala Banham.

The 24-year-old Windermere, Florida native stepped onto the Voice stage Tuesday night (March 7), for a rendition of “Both Sides Now,” a song that appeared on Joni Mitchell’s 1969 album Clouds.

Banham kept her vocals in a velvety pocket, finding the emotional connection while never showing off.


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Kelly Clarkson and Niall Horan turned together, only the former One Direction singer was fast enough to trigger a block on the U.S. country artist.

Another new additional to the panel, Chance the Rapper, turned, leaving Blake Shelton the odd one out.

There were tears of joy from Banham’s folks, who were watching on, feeling the vibe, and Clarkson blasted the non-plussed Shelton with multiple volleys of “what are you doing?”

“What a perfect song,” enthused Clarkson. “You showed dynamic, to see you emote like that, you really felt the message and the words mean something to you. We would have been beautiful together. I’m going to steal you, mark my words.”

Horan praised her “impeccable” song choice, and her ability to show tenderness in the softer moments. “I haven’t got a singer like you on my team.” Then he stepped up his sales pitch.

“You are unbelievable,” the 1D singer said. “You’ve got such a storytelling voice, so sweet so beautiful. And the song choices that are available for you is huge.”

After learning some of her story, Chance praised Banham for having the “most unique voice that we’ve heard so far” which, he notes, is coupled with the “most control and range.”

Shelton offered his 5 cents (he wasn’t familiar with the song), and it was over to Banham to make the tough choice. Ultimately, she joined Team Niall.

Does Horan possesses the luck of the Irish? We’ll have to wait and see.

Watch the performance below.

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