Theo Von Baffles Lee Corso With His Picks on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’


Theo Von
Baffles Lee Corso with Picks …
On ‘College GameDay’

12/2/2023 10:18 AM PT


Theo Von has entered the college football chat — and he confused the hell out of some OGs on the air … which was absolutely hilarious to watch.

ESPN tapped into the TikTok zeitgeist and hired Theo Von as their celebrity guest panelist for “College GameDay” Saturday … where he, Pat McAfee and the rest of the professional analysts sat around making picks ahead of a packed schedule.

The only difference this time around was Theo’s very unpredictable nature and rants — which certainly shone through during the telecast, especially when he was talking about the matchup between Louisville and Florida State.

Apparently, TV thought it was 2013 again … ‘cause he invoked Jameis Winston’s name to talk about the Seminoles’ chances. Only problem … Winston has long left the university, something Pat reminded Theo of … forcing him to pivot and come up with a new rationale.

It was pretty typical Theo, but Lee Corso couldn’t believe (or comprehend) what he was hearing … making for a funny-ass exchange live on TV.

If you’re unfamiliar with Theo and his brand of humor, this was a great introduction … dude’s finally breaking through into the mainstream. Gang, baby!