Tinashe Seeks Restraining Order After Man Arrested At Her L.A. Home


Seeks Restraining Order
After Man Arrested at Her L.A. Home

11/8/2023 4:14 PM PT

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Tinashe says she’s been getting stalked by a guy who showed up at her front door and tried to get inside … she now wants extra protection from the court to prevent it from happening again.

The singer just filed for a temporary restraining order in L.A., and per court docs — obtained by this publication — the singer has been dealing with the guy for a while. Tinashe says the whole thing reached its tipping point last week when she says the guy surfaced outside her house.

In the paperwork, Tinashe says she’s been getting randomly tagged on IG by a guy named Ramon Oppikofer since 2022 … whom she says she doesn’t know at all. Tinashe says it started as seemingly harmless digital fanfare but turned real on Oct. 27 — when she claims he showed up to her brother’s private birthday party … totally uninvited.

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Tinashe goes on to explain that Oppikofer apparently handed her a hotel room key — which she says she gave right back to him and tried laughing it off. Things turned extra scary, however, after he allegedly arrived out of nowhere outside of her L.A.-area property a few days later … during which, Tinashe claims he was simply lurking up and down her street.

She says she called cops that day, but he was gone by the time they arrived. The next day, Nov. 2, Tinashe claims this guy came back … and this time, allegedly rang her doorbell — only to get no response. She says he returned later that same day in an SUV … pulling up in front of her house and calling out her name — only to be confronted by people Tinashe was inside with. She says the man took off again … but wasn’t done just yet.

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Tinashe claims that exact same day, he returned YET AGAIN — this time, allegedly ringing her doorbell … getting rebuffed by her father who was with her, and then allegedly breaking into her actual house. Tinashe says she fled to an area of her house and locked herself inside … and claims Oppikofer attempted to open the door. She says some music studio co-workers who were on site confronted him and told him to scram … and he did.

Tinashe says Oppikofer continued to lurk outside, and that cops eventually showed up and arrested him. BTW, law enforcement sources confirm all this to us — saying he was booked for misdemeanor trespassing … but was released shortly thereafter.

The reason, we’re told … L.A. County’s no-bail policies — and that’s something Tinashe cites in her TRO request here … saying she needs this court-ordered protection to keep Oppikofer away, as she fears he’s going to show up to her place again and potentially do worse.

She says she’s scared for her life … and is begging a judge to sign off. As of now, her request has yet to be granted — but the situation sounds dire.

LAPD Threat Management continues to investigate.