Toby’s House from ‘The Office’ For Sale at Over a Million Dollars

Toby’s House from ‘The Office’ For Sale at Over a Million Dollars

‘The Office’
Toby Flenderson’s House for Sale …
At Over a Million Bucks!!!

3/23/2021 10:50 AM PT

Toby Flenderson may still suck all these years later, but his house that Michael egged on “The Office” sure doesn’t in real life — if anything, it’s ballin’ … and the price tag reflects it.

‘Office’ fans will recognize this crib instantly — it’s the home that appeared in season 7, for ‘Michael’s Last Dundies’ … the penultimate installment of Steve Carell‘s tenure. In the cold open, Mike and Deangelo deliver Dundie noms to the employees, and yolk to Toby’s place.

As humble (and perhaps crappy) as Toby’s house may have looked in that quick shot … the actual home is now hitting the market for a whopping $1.098 million — and a closer look makes ya realize that Mr. Flenderson might’ve had a great salary at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

The 3-bed, 2-bath pad isn’t actually in PA … it’s in the L.A.’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood … and from the inside out, it’s a real beaut compared to what we saw on the small screen.

The house features a fully loaded upgraded kitchen and a huge backyard. It’s also protected with its own gate, so you don’t have to worry about other Michael Scotts running up on ya.

When it comes to how the house came to be featured on the show in the first place … we’re told production simply came up, knocked and asked — and the owners said yes. How ’bout that?!? Oh, and BTW, Toby might’ve been divorced and lonely … but the place ain’t built for that. Check it out yourself.

Farah Levi and Jessica Michalov of The Agency have the listing.