Tom Brady Says He Doesn’t Speak To Donald Trump Anymore, Haven’t Talked In ‘Years’

Tom Brady
I Don’t Speak To Trump Anymore
… Haven’t Talked In ‘Years’

7/14/2022 8:05 AM PT

Tom Brady, Donald Trump

Tom Brady‘s on-again, off-again friendship with Donald Trump is apparently on ice once again … the quarterback just revealed he doesn’t talk with the former president anymore, and hasn’t spoken to him in “years.”

The NFL superstar made the revelation during a recent interview with Variety … after being asked if he still keeps in touch with No. 45.

“No,” Brady said. “I haven’t talked to him in a lot of years.”

Of course, Brady and Trump used to be good pals. The two golfed often, spoke regularly — and, at one point during DT’s initial run for president in 2015, the ex-Patriots signal-caller had a “Make America Great Again” cap in his locker.

But, Tom and Trump grew apart shortly after Donald got in office — Brady famously skipped out on a visit to Trump’s White House in 2017, and later slammed Trump’s criticism of Colin Kaepernick as “just divisive.”



The two had appeared to mend fences in 2020, when at a coronavirus update press conference, Trump said he had recently spoken to Brady — calling him “a great guy.”

But, based on Brady’s timeline — seems that might be the last time the two talked.