Tom Cruise Has Revisited Edge of Tomorrow Ahead of Its Long-Awaited Sequel

This year marked the 10-year anniversary of Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise’s excellent sci-fi action film co-starring Emily Blunt and directed by Doug Liman. It’s a film that didn’t set the world on fire upon release, but has continued to gain new fans, and is constantly mentioned for a possible sequel.

And while there’s still no official news about that sequel, Liman did recently offer an encouraging update. Apparently, a few months back, he and Cruise sat down and revisited the film. “Tom and I just actually rewatched it about two months ago, because I hadn’t seen it in 10 years,” Liman told Empire. “I was like, ‘Wow, that is a really good movie.’” A rewatch doesn’t guarantee a sequel of course but the implication is it’s a good place to start preparation. “[Tom and I] keep talking about it,” Liman said of the potential follow-up. “We love that world.”

Loving it is one thing, rewatching it is another, but from a fan perspective, the constant teasing has been confusing. The first ramblings of an Edge of Tomorrow sequel came in the year after release, and then basically every year since there has been some kind of update. At one point, there was even a reported title: Live Die Repeat and Repeat. But, of course, nothing has come since then.

The biggest hint that it might actually happen, though, came earlier this year when Cruise signed a deal to make movies with Warner Bros. It was huge news since Cruise’s last several movies (and next few as well) have been with Paramount. Plus, the one more recent property Cruise previously did with Warner Bros., one which we know he’s been thinking about, is Edge of Tomorrow. So, the question isn’t really “If,” it’s “When.”

Are you excited for a potential Edge of Tomorrow sequel? Let us know below.

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