Tom Petty Auction Items Returned to Family After Claims They Were Stolen


Tom Petty
Auction Items Returned To Family
… After Claims They Were Stolen

12/8/2023 10:30 AM PT

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Some of Tom Petty‘s personal items, which recently hit auction, have been returned to the late musician’s family … after claims many of the pieces were stolen.

In a joint statement from Tom’s family and RR Auction, they say, “All concerns regarding the recent offering of personal clothing and items of the rock star have been resolved without litigation.”

The Petty family says it’s grateful the auction house “facilitated the safe return of the items” — which they add have been returned to the family’s “secure archives” … and say they don’t think RR Auction knowingly committed any wrongdoing.

What’s more, the family’s showing gratitude by allowing some items to actually be auctioned off — noting they fully support the upcoming sale, which has lots to offer like Tom’s hats, jackets, and signed photos.

As we reported, Tom’s fam said in May that the products being put up for auction were stolen, coming from the singer’s former home in Encino, CA — and his family was looking into “pursuing swift legal action” against RR Auction.

Music Tom  Petty

An attorney for the auction house later told us it was cooperating with Tom’s family to get things sorted out — sounds like they did.