Top Seven Reasons Why You Might Get Rejected On Your First Date!

Reasons why dumbed on first date.
Well be back from Easter season, hope  things went on well.
Recently I had a conversation with my friend in Rwanda who told me he was trashed on his first date and this got me perplexed. After a lengthy chat, I had to sit down and compile compile this for you.

Reasons For Your Rejection On First Date!

Just imagine someone is going out for a first date but he/she’s  is too dirty for instance with a mouth odour, unkempt hair , filthy shoes and cloths and much more, at the end of it all, one loses interest.
Poor Approach
Men of these days are so open and horny that they won’t hesitate to ask for sex on the first date! Dude don’t yuo think you too it a little bit fast? Others will have a very explicit conversation that might get her uncomfortable.
The same horny men won’t hesitate getting touchy  on the very first meeting before she probably develps any feelings. Well some ladies will be comfy with it but trust me others wont tolerate it at all!
Divided Attention
Look this is the very first date, you ought to get out your best, you need to be extra-attentive to capture all about the person you are meeting for instance the facial expression and all she/he says. But here you come all glued to your phone or tab as she tells you probably about most of her best memories and you have a divided attention, only to ask you what she last said and there you go looking confused.
Dress Code
When going on a date, more so the first one, you should take secondary thoughts about what to wear so as to look smartest. Otherwise several people will always judge the book by its cover.
Table  manners
Well no one will ever tolerate any person with poor table manners fro instance eating while talking!
Your aim on the first date should be to impress the partner in your best way possible. This calls for your charming and entertaining character. However you should be original and you should not exaggerate this as it might turn out annoying.
Those are some of the reasons your first date might not be successful r go as expected. However the key point here is impressing. Some people have understood it and have registered success on the first dates. However if your impression is a result of fang your personality, then your relationship might not last.
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