Tory Lanez Remorseful Over Megan Thee Stallion Shooting In Jail with Kelsey Harris

Tory Lanez
Remorseful Jail Call To Meg’s Friend Kelsey …
‘I Was Just So F****** Drunk’

12/30/2022 11:03 AM PT

Tory Lanez told Megan Thee Stallion‘s friend Kelsey Harris he was wasted the night of the shooting and sounds incredibly remorseful … according to leaked audio of the rapper’s jail phone call from when he was arrested.

In the audio, which is now surfacing online, Tory tells Kelsey … “I was just so f*****g drunk that I ain’t even know what the f*** was going on.”

Tory adds … “I ain’t never done some s*** like that … I didn’t even understand what the f*** was going on. Regardless, though, that’s not gonna make anything right, and it’s not gonna make my actions right.”



The Canadian rapper apologizes to Kelsey, telling her he was “sorry” for what happened.

As for why Tory claims he was so drunk, later on in the jail call he explains … “When I got to the house, I assure you, off the top n*****, they gave me like five shots off the door. I was outta there.” He also says he forgot what the argument was about before the shooting.

JULY 2022


Tory made the call after his initial arrest for the July 2020 incident … and during the conversation, he asks Megan’s ex-friend to bail him out of jail.

While the audio is just now leaking, Tory’s jail phone call to Kelsey was played to the jury during the recent trial.

Tory never took the stand, but it appears the jail call likely played a role in his conviction.

JULY 2020


As we reported … the jury decided Tory was guilty of shooting Meg in the foot, finding him guilty on all three charges against him.

Tory is awaiting sentencing — he’s facing more than 22 years in prison — and we’re told the Canadian may be deported.