Trevor Bauer Faces New Allegations, Woman Claims He Choked Her Unconscious During Sex

Trevor Bauer
Faces New Allegations
Woman Claims He Choked Her Unconscious During Sex

4/29/2022 4:58 PM PT

Trevor bauer

A third woman has come forward and accused Trevor Bauer of crossing the line during sex … claiming the pitcher choked her unconscious and slapped her in the face without consent back in 2013 and 2014.

The accusations were published just hours after MLB handed Bauer a 2-year ban for violating the league’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy. The woman claims she spoke with league investigators during its 10-month-long probe.

The woman claims she met Bauer on a dating app in April 2013 … back when he was a member of Cleveland’s minor league team in Columbus.

The woman makes it clear the sex during their relationship was always consensual — but claims during intercourse, “things happened outside of my consent,” according to the Washington Post.

Among the allegations, the woman claims Bauer choked her during sex, which she agreed to “to a certain point.” However, she says in ensuing encounters, he grabbed her throat until she passed out, which she says she was against.

She claims Bauer choked her unconscious dozens of times … and he would only stop if she “got pissed and was like desperate about it” or if she passed out.

The woman says on one of the occasions, after she regained consciousness, Bauer was anally penetrating her without her consent.

The woman says she actually has video of at least one of the alleged choking incidents … ’cause Bauer allegedly recorded their sexual encounters with a GoPro camera either mounted on a tripod or strapped to his head.

The accuser is represented by high-powered attorney Joe Tacopina, who claims he has seen the video — “She’s clearly struggling to breathe and tapping his arm to let go, and you see her skin color darkening,” the attorney told the Post.

The allegations are similar in nature to that of Bauer’s other accusers … who say their sexual encounters all started consensually, but went to a place that was beyond their approval.

Bauer — who hasn’t pitched since June 2021 — has vehemently denied any wrongdoing since the first accusations were made public … and has vowed to appeal his 2-year ban from MLB.

Police and the district attorney investigated claims made by Bauer’s first accuser in California … but officials opted not to file charges. This week, Bauer filed a lawsuit against her, claiming she tried to ruin his career.

The other accuser initially filed for a restraining order … but withdrew her request after Bauer allegedly threatened legal action.