Truck Crashes Into Gas Station Pump, Fiery Explosion Caught on Video


Gas Station Car Crash
Truck Plows Through Gas Pump
… Fiery Blast On Video!!!

2/6/2024 11:55 AM PT


A cross-country road trip nearly turned fatal for one driver … when he stopped to fill up, an out-of-control pickup truck crashed through a gas station pump … feet away from his car.

Ya gotta see the video … dash cam footage shows a car pulling into a gas station when suddenly a pickup comes barreling through, running over a gas pump and igniting a fiery explosion.

The pickup keeps on trucking as it plows over the gas pump … knocking down the gas station canopy, which comes crashing down in front of the driver as he slams on the brakes.

“Oh my f******, God!!!” screams the driver as the crash unfolds in front of him at a Speedway gas station in La Plata, New Mexico.

The guy who took the dash cam video says the incident happened Feb. 4 on his cross-country road trip from Seattle to Mississippi.

He says he reported the incident to the local Sheriff and gave police the video for documentation.

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As for the reason behind the crash, the guy says cops told him the pickup truck driver was having a seizure.

Stay safe out there, folks.