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TTPS urges public to file complaints on noisy bars

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) said it will make notes of complaints made regarding overly noisy bars.

Speaking at today’s media briefing at the TTPS headquarters in Port of Spain, questions were raised regarding residential complaints of loud music at nearby bars.

Senior Superintendent (Ag.) of Police, Port of Spain Division, Terrance Nobbee and Senior Superintendent (Ag.), Criminal Investigations Department, Joseph Chandool, said the reports are of concern.

Jobbee said:

“Yes we do get reports of noise pollution and yes, we are very much concerned about the problems citizens have regarding that. Within the Port of Spain Division, whenever there’s a concern we try to get it in writing and with that, whenever there’s an investigation with regards to the renewal of the license for the individual or business owner, we make sure and have the prosecutor at court advocate on behalf of the residents and sometimes they may be allowed to present the data with regards to the number of complaints.”

He urged citizens therefore to lodge formal complaints.

“It all falls right back down to the citizenry. The persons making the complaints can also be present when the licensing committee sits when they present a case, indicating the problems they’re having.”

“The police is there to assist, the EMA (Environmental Management Authority) is there to assist, however, a lot of it would also depend on the individuals within the community who are having the problem. If the citizenry comes together and presents some form of petition against a business owner then collectively we would be able to take some form of action with regards to that.”

Jobbee said the petition can be given to the Licensing Committee or groups can also choose an attorney to represent them at hearings held by the Licensing Committee.

ChildLineTT also called on the public to refrain from playing overly loud music while students were attending virtual classes at home. 

“In light of the recent influx of calls and webchats to our helpline from frustrated children, ChildLine is pleading with neighbours of children who attend school at home to please be considerate when playing your music! At loud volumes, it is disruptive and adds to the already stressful situation faced by children in trying to learn from home.”

The EMA has advised that anyone wishing to make a complaint about noise pollution can contact the police service on 555, 999 or 800-TIPS or contact the EMA hotline on 226-4EMA (4362), extension 2, from 8am to 4:30 pm to speak with an officer or email, or visit and access the ‘How Can I Help You’ tab to upload photos or videos.

The public can also reach the EMA on Whatsapp at 367-8824 to send photos and videos associated with the complaint.