Tunisia: Ghannouchi Heard By Counter-Terrorism Brigade

Tunis/Tunisia — Member of the defence group of Ennahdha Movement President Rached Ghannouchi lawyer Mokhtar Jemai said that his client as well as another person who had filed a complaint against him (Ghannouchi) were heard on Monday by the counter-terrorism brigade at the National Guard barracks in the Aouina.

The case was then referred to the judge, who took charge of the case, he told TAP on Tuesday.

Jemai recalled that Rached Ghannouchi was taken on Monday from the Mornaguia civil prison to the National Guard barracks in the Aouina to be confronted with a person who had previously claimed to have a video filming a meeting between Ghannouchi and terrorists.

The lawyer affirmed in this regard, that Ghannouchi denied the accusations against him, adding that the person, who filed the complaint, “indicated that he had lost the video.”

Jemai considered that the case will probably be dismissed for lack of evidence.

He also underlined that Ghannouchi’s detention continues in connection with another case that has nothing to do with the case of meeting with terrorists.