Uganda: Besigye to Ugandans

The leader of the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) Dr Kizza Besigye, has lashed out at Ugandans who are celebrating the death of Gen Elly Tumwine, saying that only God has the right to judge the dead.

“I wish to encourage Ugandans to stop judging the dead. I am a believer and know that we are all descendants of Adam and so children of God. Let’s leave judgement of the dead to the Almighty,” said Besigye while appearing on one of the online televisions at the weekend.

Besigye made the remarks following “jubilation” from some Ugandans on social media upon the death of Tumwine.

Besigye said judging the dead is unfair because Tumwine might have repented to God and therefore human beings have no rights to judge him.

“I wouldn’t wish us to judge the dead, leave judgement to our God. Judging the dead who can’t defend themselves isn’t fair. God is the only judge, because, in most cases, when people are at their weakest, they tend to return to God and some repent and regret. We commit the dead to the Almighty judge for final judgement. Let’s commit Gen. Tumwine to God,” he said.

Besigye however explained that he knows that people are hurting and their anger is justified because of the injustice they have faced over the years but anger against anyone shouldn’t make them inhuman, insensitive and cause them to lose their sense of compassion.

He mourned the death of the fallen soldier saying that he was a loyal cadre.

“I first met Gen. Tumwine when I joined the NRA and found him a deputy Commander to Magara (RIP). I was their medical doctor and I know most of them in most ways. Tumwine would take and implement orders from his CIC without question,” he said.

Tumwine died on August 25 at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi from lung cancer.