Uganda: Beti Kamya to Ugandans

The Inspector General of Government, Beti Kamya has said Uganda needs some martyrs who believe in the country and are willing to sacrifice their lives in the fight against corruption.

Kamya made the remarks as Ugandans celebrate Martyrs Day, which falls today June 3.


“Christ the greatest martyr of all time who had the choice and power not to die but chose to die to save the world because He believed his father’s word. Yes, we can. Yes, it is possible to fight corruption. Saint Kizito was only 14 years old when he faced death and the others not much older,”she said in a statement.

She explained that as Ugandans celebrate this day, one can’t help but ponder on the deeper meaning of martyrdom beyond a Google search of the definition.


Kamya said it is not important whether the martyrs were right or wrong but what is of essence is that they chose to die for what they believed in.

“They were young, uneducated and unexposed to the dynamics of the struggle for political power between the British and Buganda’s Kabaka Mwanga II or the “Scramble for Africa” by European colonialists but they chose to die for their faith,” she noted.

She called upon all Ugandans and people of good will to believe that corruption can be defeated.