Uganda Government a issues New Lockdown Measures As COVID-19 Variants Hit Harder.

Following the increase in Covid-19 cases in Uganda, government has taken new measures to curb the spread of the virus.

These have been announced by the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Miseveni in his Address as follows;

  1. All schools to close for 42 days
  2. All teachers to fully vaccinate before acceptance in school
  3. Communal prayers suspended for 42 days
  4. Public and cultural gatherings suspended for 42 days
  5. Travel from category A remains suspended except for returning Ugandans
  6. Agriculture activities to continue
  7. Factory, construction, shopping Malls, taxi parks, remain open but must observe strict SOPs.
  8. Parties, wedding ceremonies allowed with only 20 people under strict SOPs
  9. House parties, strictly banned
  10. Burials for only 20 people.
  11. Weekly markets suspended for 42 days
  12. Cattle markets also suspended
  13. Public transport, boda, taxi, buses doing inter-district movement suspended from 10th June (except for Kampala Metropolitan)
  14. Cargo trucks, tourist vehicles exempted from travel restrictions
  15. Public transport within same district is allowed with strict observance of SOPs
  16. Cinemas, clubs, concerts remain closed
  17. Sports to continue without spectators
  18. All public places to maintain SOPs
  19. Encourage people to work from home, and revert to 30% presence in work places for 42 days
  20. Businesses to close by 7pm, exception given to pharmacies