Uganda: Museveni to Address the Country for the Second Time in a Week

President Museveni will on Wednesday July 27, 2022 evening address the nation on issues of national importance.

According to Linda Nabusayi, the Senior Presidential Press Secretary, the head of state’s address will be at 8pm.

“President Museveni will address the nation tomorrow July 27, 2022 at 8pm, from Nakasero State Lodge #IssuesOfNationalImportance. The address will be broadcast live from all TVs and Radios,” Nabusayi said.

The address comes just days after Museveni’s last televised address which was criticised by analysts for not offering any solution on the inflation that the country is grappling with.

On Wednesday, the President claimed that government actions such as subsidy or tax cuts would mislead the populace into continuing to purchase goods without making any effort to lower costs, further complicating matters and putting the nation in danger.

The commodity prices have shot up and people can barely live within their income. A litre of petrol is at Shs6,600 from Shs3,800 a few months ago, while diesel is about Shs6,400 from Shs3,400 in the same period. Food prices have also increased as the dry spell batters most parts of the country.

Tomorrow’s address also comes at a time when police and security are on high alert following social media reports that a section of the public was going to hold mass protests over government’s lack of intervention in the ongoing economic situation.