Uganda Social Media Conference 18 Draws Masses.

The 2018 edition of the Uganda Social Media Conference is on at Mackinnon Suites.

The annual event organised by Uganda country office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung  aims to bring together key stakeholders from government, civil society, academia and the media to have a constructive exchange on the impact of social media on state and society, highlighting both opportunities and challenges.

According to the organisers, the conference provides a unique platform for theorizing, dialoguing and engaging on how the growing relevance of social media shapes our social and political interactions and changes the way we access and process information.


Among the exhibitors at the event is Qwikart, Kafunda Creative and Rog Agency among others.

This year’s edition seeks to inform the digital information or rather disinformation and how it shapes public perceptions, opinions, behaviors and its impact on political processes.

This rather comes in an era where social media is more of a necessity to the bigger population in Uganda. Being a third world country, Ugandan is in it’s early stages of social media usage where the masses are not yet conversant with social media. This therefore renders them prone to all the loopholes of the era. 

NBS Tv’s Canary Mugume Speaking to The Attendees.