Ugandan serial killer sentenced to 105 years in prison

Ugandan serial killer sentenced to 105 years in prison

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The High Court in Kampala, Uganda, has sentenced 25-year-old Musa Musasizi to 105 years in prison for the heinous murders of three women and a three-month-old infant. The victims were identified as his girlfriends, and the infant was the child of one of the victims.

Musasizi, who pleaded guilty, pursued romantic relationships with the women before subjecting them to sexual assault and ultimately ending their lives. Shockingly, he went further by burning and disposing of their bodies, leaving a trail of horror.

The sentencing, delivered by Justice Margaret Mutonyi, underscores the gravity of Musasizi’s crimes. She emphasized the necessity of the lengthy sentence to safeguard young women, including Musasizi’s own six-year-old daughter, according to reports from the privately-owned NTV channel.

This case unfolded after Musasizi’s arrest in March 2021 on suspicion of killing five women and an infant. He was convicted in July for the murder of one of the victims. During the trial, Musasizi’s lawyer appealed for leniency, citing his difficult upbringing as a former street child.

The High Court’s decision serves as a critical step towards justice and sends a clear message about the severity of crimes against women and children in Uganda. The sentencing aims to protect the vulnerable and deter potential offenders, marking a crucial moment in the pursuit of a safer society.

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