Ugandan Top Producer Herbert Skillz Talks Jethro (Alonestar) ft Ed Sheeran Joint Album.

Herbertskillz of Sound Makers Music seems to be raising the Ugandan flag way too high!

This follows his meeting with Ed Sheeran’s rap star cousin Jethro Sheeran (Alonestar)  who is also an extremely successful musician that shared several of Ed’s early experiences within the music industry with him, After Jade his wife and manager arranged for them to meet in a studio in London a few months ago.

Since then they have been working hard in various studios in Bristol and London and from Sound Makers studio on a new Album to be released early next year and which features many fantastic talents including Jethro and Ed Sheeran. The album, Sunshine and Rain  uses many of HerbertSkillz Beats and Herbert is responsible for much of the production, Jethro wrote many of the lyrics for the songs including a song Jethro wrote and made with Ed and in which Ed sings the chorus.Jethro said “Its going to be a massive album, I love it and Im sure everyone else will too”

When I heard Herbertskillz music and production I knew it was right for the song and many more on my album, he has a very special touch which makes the music unique, and many top artists, labels and film companies agree.

Regarding his connection with Ed Sheeran, Jethro, who sings under the name Alonestar, said: We are cousins and have always got on really well and out of all of the family  we’re the ones who are musical and we used to sing and perform together at local gigs and to the rest of the family at Christmas, and family gatherings.”

“Eventually we started recording our own songs and I took Ed to his first recording studio at Lime House and we made our first song together .”

Jethro and HerbertSkillz said  they have been invited to perform a song they have collaborated on and which has Ed Sheeran in the Chorus, in a blockbuster film scheduled to come out next year made by Millennium Films, who in 2019 had the biggest box office movie of the year “Angel has Fallen” starring Gerard Butler.

The song  is going to be released next year as a single and will feature on Jethro Alonestar’s new album, and Herbertskillz said the song the film company want to use features Ed Sheeran,

” I love most of the songs on the Album and we are hopeful that many more will become international and festival hits next summer.” he says.

Herbert told EJazz UG that Jethro Sheeran has been talking with Millennium Films, who love one of the songs which want them to perform it in one of the movies in a club scene, which we are very excited about.

He also revealed that they have done radio interviews about the album on Ujima Radio station in Bristol with Tom Page, a photoshoot,  and are now looking forward to performing at Monster After Launch Boat Party ; a Charity Boat Party on the River Thames next week in London, an event the two will be headlining alongside many more celebrities and top DJ’s.

The event is to raise money for a Cancer Charity and is hosted by some popular British TV stars.

After the show there will be interviews on British TV and Radio to do and more studio sessions, going full steam ahead on the album, the flim deal and hopefully a video for one of the tracks being made here in Uganda next year with Jethro Sheeran and some of the other international artists that are involved in it coming over to Uganda.

When asked about what the future holds , Herbertskillz said, “My main focus since starting Sound Makers, has always been to make high quality music which is enjoyed by people and flies the flag for Africa in the music industry around the world.”

“Of course my new singles and album with Jethro Alonestar Sheeran ,  shooting an amazing video in Uganda, and performing with Jethro Sheeran next year.” He continued.