Video: Wounded MC Kats Resurfaces At Pastor Bugembe’s Church. Spits Shocking Details About ‘UN’ Deal.

Celebrated MC and TV Host has finally resurfaced at Pastor Bugembe’s Church after he disappeared from the rehabilitation center where he was being taken care of.

In a video that has since been deleted off Pastor Bugembe’s official page, MC Kats shows of the wounds he got as he escaped from the rehabilitation center saying he is not mad and does not belong there.

Kats says he’s been denied chance to see his kids while in rehab, he was fed on posho and beans as well as rice.

“You took away my medicine from London and you’re giving me Mulago medicine why?” he said

Kats also emphasized that he’s not mad since he hasn’t undressed yet.

He however pinned the people with the UN deal he communicated earlier as the ones responsible for taking him to the rehab with intentions to check him for a metal problem and left him there.

‘You want me to do the UN deal but I won’t do it if I don’t want.” he says.

Kats had disappeared from rehabilitation where he had been taken a few days ago.

Earlier on Instagram Kats had communicated that he would be part of a United Nations campaign to distribute things like internet and computers to schools together with several other people like Douglas Lwanga, Bebe Cool and other artists.

Pastor Bugembe also in the deleted post said he would be talking to MC Kats’ mum and friends like Douglas Lwanga and Fille.

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