Warner Bros.’ Intriguing Flowervale Street Nets 2025 Release

Nearly a decade after It Follows and Under the Silver Lake, director David Robert Mitchell is back with a brand new movie—one filmed in IMAX.

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Officially titled Flowervale Street, the upcoming sci-fi flick has been locked down by Warner Bros. for a May 16, 2025 release date. The top-billed cast features Anne Hathaway and Ewan McGregor (him being the newest edition to the ensemble), plus young actors Christian Convery (he plays Gus on Sweet Tooth and young Sanji for Netflix’s One Piece) and Maisy Stella (My Old Ass). While plot details are currently under wraps, insider Luiz Fernando claims the movie will feature “dinosaurs in the ‘80s.” The movie only just started production last week, so it’ll be some time before we learn what it’s actually about.

JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot is producing the film, with the Star Wars alum on hand as a producer alongside Mitchell, who is also writing the film. For Bad Robot, it’s the production company’s first film to come out under Warner Bros. All the way back in 2019, the two inked a five-year deal to produce films, shows, and games for WB. Most of that has come through on the TV end of things with HBO’s one-season Lovecraft Country and Apple TV+’s Lisey Story; other projects like the Hot Wheels movie, the Batman: Caped Crusader show and an Elseworlds Superman movie either aren’t out yet or not in any real form of production.

If Flowervale Street sticks with its May 2025 release, it’ll be going up against Universal’s M3GAN 2.0 that same weekend. A fight with Universal may inevitable: come July 2 that same year, Universal’s Jurassic World 4 will come crashing into theaters, as directed by The Creator’s Gareth Edwards and possibly starring superhero alum Scarlett Johanssen.

[via Variety]

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