Watch This Horror Short in the Darkest Room Possible

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In Bangladesh, two sisters hurry home one afternoon. At first, nothing seems unusual as they bicker in typical sibling fashion (“Come quick, or you’re dead!”) and go about their routine. But as writer-director Nuhash Humayun’s horror short Moshari continues, it becomes clear that something is wrong in their world. Apocalyptically wrong.

“Moshari” translates to “mosquito net,” and it’s the most important thing to have around you as the dark of night falls. Because if you don’t protect yourself… watch and see!

Humayun’s excellently tense short came to io9’s attention thanks to Short of the Week; it also won a jury prize in the “Midnight Shorts” category at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival, which praised it for its “fresh take on blood sucking creatures set in an non-traditional post-apocalyptic world.”

It’s rare event to see any cinema from Bangladesh make it stateside, much less a horror film—so for fans of horror hailing from non-Western countries, Moshari is a treat. A terrifying treat. A treat that will also make you wish little kids would just do what they’re told when there are monsters around, dammit. Watch it in the darkest room possible to make sure you don’t miss any details!

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