We Treat Bad News As Nothing More Than A Trend. – Comedian Daniel Omara Concerned About Ugandans’ Social Media Responses On Deaths.

After a series of slangs, challenges and jargons used on social media derived from accidents, comedian Daniel Omara has come out to publicise his opinion convening the issue.

This comes at a time when the most trending jargon is “Balance the boat” as derived from the Mukono Boat Cruise accident that claimed scores.

Here is What Omara Thinks About the Trend.

I’m Genuinely Concerned About The Way Death Is Handled On Social Media:

Kaweesi Was Assassinated; Some Random Chaps Did A Kaweesi challenge.

Ivan Ssemwanga Passed On; Jokes Were Already Online Before His Funeral.

Mukiibi Died; The Public Couldn’t Even Let The Family Mourn(I Remember Being Called A ‘Rape Apologist’ For Asking People To At Least Let Them Bury The Guy).

And Now There’s This “Balance The Boat” Business.

Truth Is, We’re So Desperate For Social Media Relevance, We Treat Bad News As Nothing More Than A Trend; We’re Quick To Draw Conclusions From Uninformed Opinions, Simply Because We Want To Be The One Who Said/ Did It First… Until The Day It’s Our Personal Experience. Then We Suddenly Expect Everyone To Be Considerate And Kind Because We’re In Pain!