Who is the pitch invader who gate-crashed World Cup 2023 final between India and Australia?

The protester who invaded the pitch in Narendra Modi stadium in western Ahmedabad city, Gujarat, during the World Cup finals between India and Australia was identified as “Wayne John” on Sunday (Nov 19).

During the 14th over of the match, a man wearing a face mask that resembled the colours of the Palestinian flag and a T-shirt with the slogans “Stop Bombing Palestine” and “Free Palestine” invaded the middle of the pitch in the 132,000-seat mega-stadium.

The man attempted to unfurl the Palestinian flag before being taken away by the security guards.

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Pitch invasion exposes gaping holes in security 

The pitch invasion incident has exposed gaping the holes the tight security considering that major Indian celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Indian politicians, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi were in attendance.

While being taken away, the man revealed his name to the reporters as “John”, and added that he entered the field to meet Virat Kohli.

“My name is John…I am from Australia. I entered (the field) to meet Virat Kohli. I support Palestine,” he was seen speaking.

#WATCH | Gujarat: The man who breached the security & entered the field during the India vs Australia Final match, says, “My name is John…I am from Australia. I entered (the field) to meet Virat Kohli. I support Palestine…” pic.twitter.com/5vrhkuJRnw

— ANI (@ANI) November 19, 2023


According to reports, Wayne Johnson is an Australian of Chinese-Filipino heritage. He was detained and sent to the Chand Kheda Police Station.

Next course of action unknown 

Since he is a foreign national, it is not yet known what kind of action will be taken against him.

The International Cricket Council— the global governing body of cricket—does not allow political protests at the games.

The October 7 assault on Palestine by Hamas terror group killed 1,200 Israelis, while at least 200 were taken as hostages.

Whereas more than 12,000 have been killed in the retaliatory attacks by Israel, which has embarked on a new mission to seize the Gaza Strip territory.