Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunite for new “Bad Boys” film

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have reunited for the fourth installment of the “Bad Boys” franchise, “Bad Boys: Ride of Die”.

The pair walked the red carpet in Los Angeles on Thursday, where Smith spoke about how the sequel parallels the actors’ lives.

For Smith, the “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” storyline parallels his and Lawrence’s lives.

“At the center of this movie is an idea I wanted to explore. Martin’s character in this movie has a spiritual awakening,” said Smith, “It’s kind of where we both were in our lives.”

The two actors traveled to the premiere in style on the top deck of a bus as they cruised down Hollywood Boulevard, stopping to pose with fans before making their way to the red carpet.

“Bad Boys” first premiered in 1995 and quickly became a fan favorite, solidifying both Smith and Lawrence—already popular sitcom actors—as action heroes.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says the franchise could continue, but he doesn’t see the need for spin-offs as long as Smith and Lawrence are open to continuing the story.

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die” premieres in US theatres on June 7.