Winnie Nwagi’s Alleged Baby Daddy Chased From Nwagi’s House Like Chicken thief

Bizzy Natete has come out and claimed to be the father to musician Winnie Nwagi’s daughter Destiny Mirembe, however he has been denied access to his child for quite some great time.

Recently, a video clip surfaced on social media showcasing Bizzy involving in a wrangle with a security operative at the musician’s residence in an area yet to be traced. According to the video, armed policemen are seen being involved in the video to vacate Bizzy from the area.

Bizzy was heard speaking out loud to his peak claiming that he wants access to his daughter, he proceeded to ask police to explain to him why he is denied rights to the child. In the dialogue, the security guard revealed to Bizzy that the musician had ordered him to chase him away and that he should not be spotted anywhere around his home.

Bizzy took to his facebook page and revealed the entire insight of what happened to him, he said that he fell in love with the singer during her form six vacation. In his case, he was still studying. Nwagi went ahead and gave birth and initially, he was getting access to the child and providing support.

A lot of things happened and they parted ways and soon the singer became a star. She also became rich and started denying him access to see their alleged daughter.

He added that he’s been tolerating the singer’s disrespect and insults in the news, maintaining silence. However, the breaking point for him was being denied access to the child. He, therefore, wants to see his daughter and it’s not true that he wants to take the child away from the singer.

Meanwhile, the singer has always spoken bitterly about her baby daddy. She at one time said that he takes it as she was raped. But anything to do with father duties, her baby daddy is a non-existent thing. She doesn’t count him among the living and nor does she want anything to do with him.