Yahritza y Su Esencia Talk About Reuniting As A Group & What’s Coming Next | Billboard News


Yahritza y Su Esencia talk about how it feels for them to reunite as a group, what’s coming up for them next, and more!

Armando Martinez:

This year, I feel like it slowed us up so much. Like we couldn’t tour till I got back in. Well, thank God and now we’re here and now we’re gonna put our 110%. 


What’s up guys, we are Yahritza y Su Esencia. And you guys are watching Billboard News

Grisleda Flores:

My name is Grisleda Flores. I’m with Billboard and I want to welcome Yahritza y Su Esencia: Mando, Yahritza and Jairo. This is the sibling trio behind ‘Soy El Unico’, and most recently ‘No Se Puede Decir Adiós’, and ‘Nuestra Canción’ 

Grisleda Flores:

This is like a reunion of sorts for all three of you. Mando, you were in Mexico for a few months.


Yes. Basically, I was getting my visa. So I was over there for a couple months. I mean, to me, it was like quite a while. It was like around six, seven months. But thank God, we’re able to be here now together.

Grisleda Flores:

How would you all describe in your own words? What these past months have been like for you?


For all our family, it was a sacrifice. Because we’re not used to being apart. And it was really hard. Like to get something done. Like ‘Frágil’, they recorded their part. And then they would send me the music and I would record it by myself in the studio over there. And we’ve we’ve never really done that.

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