You changed my life and you touched many peoples’ lives. – Pastor Wilson Bugembe Pens Touching Later To Late Prof. Nsibambi.

Ahead of today’s burial of former prime minister Prof .Apollo Nsibambi, Pastor Wilson Bugembe has penned a heartwarming letter about the fallen professor.

Bellow is the complete later.

Professor Apolo Nsibambi.
Good bye papa! We will love you forever and We will miss you!

My prayers go to Mrs. Nsibambi family, friends and to the entire country for the loss of a great man.

I remember the first time I met you Professor, I Was 19 years old and life was so hard. You asked me “What’s is your Vision ? “ I said I was still in school, “yes I know”, you replied and repeated the question “ but,what’s your Vision??? What are you going to be….”. I tried to give you answers but you said , “you don’t have to answer right now , go home, sit down , pray about it and take your time, once you find the reason you were born -then you have discovered the biggest treasure that most young people don’t, and as a result they waste their time and die confused!”

You concluded with:
“Nelson Mandela found it Mahatma Gandhi found it, martin Luther King Jr. found it, Mother Theresa found it and so what is your vision, young man ? Every Vision must be about making someone else’s life better , so it’s not just about you alone”

Professor; well, I guess I found my vision! serving God and loving and serving His people.
I never got a chance to tell you this in person but I wonder where I would be today if I hadn’t met you in my youthful days!

You changed my life and you touched many peoples’ lives.

Positions, money , influence , power…… nothing changed you Professor. You stil welcomed and had time for everyone.
You never lost your love for the Bible and never stopped going to church. God was still number one in your life.

You have left a rich legacy, you have served your country with dignity and passion!

You set a good example sir, you inspired us. You will never Be forgotten in our hearts and I know Christ has a place for you in Heaven for you fought a good fight!

To your children, your dad has raised the bar so high, I pray even in his absence, you will make him proud!

To the young people out there, what’s your vision? Going to school is one thing but having a vision is a another thing, that is what professor taught me!

One thing to take home from professor’s life
– No matter how high or how low life takes you keep your faith alive!
– Keep your Bible and keep your seat in church.

Good bye professor. See you some day on the other side. John 14:2