YOURSAY | Muhyiddin overlooked reforms, not an overlooked reformist

YOURSAY | ‘Only when Muhyiddin resigned, reforms were able to be carried out.’

Dewan Rakyat speaker hails Muhyiddin as ‘overlooked reformist’

MP SPEAKS | Was Muhyiddin a closet reformer?

FairMind: This is what the public thinks of former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin:

  1. He was one of the prime movers in the Sheraton Move (the coup that ousted the elected Pakatan Harapan from power in February 2020);

  2. He stabbed former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the back;

  3. He became the backdoor PM without mandate of the people;

  4. His handling of the Covid-19 pandemic was disastrous. He used Covid as an excuse to declare emergency to hold onto power.

  5. He suspended Parliament to avoid vote of no confidence.

  6. He used Covid to shut down inter-district travel for longer than necessary thereby suffocating businesses and factories. Many went bankrupt or had to shut down;

  7. He did not relinquish his premiership but was forced to resign;

  8. He had the biggest cabinet in the nation’s history and appointed his cronies to head various government-linked companies.

  9. His budget was tainted with lopsided raced-based allocations.

  10. He dare not face the press and members of parliament.

  11. The country’s credit rating was downgraded by Fitch and Moody’s.

  12. He and Bersatu were the main causes of the avalanche of frogs because of jostling to get a simple majority of MPs.

There are many more and I’m too lazy to mention them all.

Muhyiddin couldn’t have done many of these things without the support of the turncoat House speaker Azhar (Art) Harun.

The only thing that was good about him is when he resigned, only then reforms were able to be carried out. He overlooked reforms; he was not an overlooked reformist.

PurplePanda106: The fight against Covid was effectively led by then Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. Both Muhyiddin and his health minister, Adham Baba, were completely ineffective.

At the height of the Covid pandemic, Malaysia needed a working and active Parliament to provide direction and political leadership so that the country could fight a life-threatening menace.

What did Muhyiddin do? He declared an emergency in order to hold on to power – he suspended Parliament.

Such a political leader is not a person who considers national or people’s interests as his priority.

Proarte: The problem is Azhar ‘overlooked’ the rakyat by ignoring the betrayal by Muhyiddin, who led a political coup against the Harapan government.

A ‘reformer’ who subverts the democratic will of the people is a non sequitur.

Azhar as House speaker is expected to be impartial, but he has willingly prostituted himself in public by apple-polishing a man who is a sitting government MP responsible for electing him to the office of speaker.

Kilimanjaro: The tenure of Muhyiddin as prime minister was one of mythological journeys, and the latest script addition by Parliament speaker Azhar will have Spanish epic novelist Miguel de Cervantes laughing.

The first thought that sprang in me on reading Azhar’s glowing garlanding of Muhyiddin as a “reformist” had me confused as to who is the “Don Quixote” (impractical idealist) – is it Muhyiddin or Azhar?

Muhyiddin’s desperate look for a spot in the roundtable of peers is just a dream. My list has him as the worst performing PM in our history.

The courts may have declared Najib Abdul Razak (2009 to 2018) as a “thief”, but comparatively he outshines Muhyiddin as a PM (February 2020 to August 2021).

His “scheme of things” deserted him as much as he deserted a Malaysian Malaysia and opted for a Malay Malaysia.

The Wakandan: The major thing about Muhyiddin is that he would be surely credited as a Judas of modern-day by launching the coup against his own government, Harapan.

He got to become PM as a prize, his ultimate obsession with the post, which ironically his supporters tend to confer on PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

The declared emergency would go down in history as anything but one farce of an excuse to keep his government staying alive.

He managed to do that but the inevitable happened and he fell from power as the shortest-reigning PM of Malaysia.

There is really nothing of admiration in what Muhyiddin did.

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