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YouTube Nelk Boys Star Won’t Be Prosecuted for Impersonating Mall Security

YouTube Star Kyle Forgeard
No Charges in Paul Blart-esque Case

6/6/2021 12:20 AM PT

YouTube star Kyle Forgeard won’t have to face the music for pulling a mall cop stunt in Texas — a grand jury is letting him off the hook.

According to a rep at the Tarrant County DA’s Office … the grand jury voted NOT to take action on the case. That means no charges and a huge sigh of relief for the star of the viral prank group Nelk Boys … who got busted for allegedly impersonating a mall security officer at the Grapevine Mills Mall.

this publication broke the story … Kyle, widely known on social media for pulling off incredible pranks, had his own segway … just like Kevin James did in the ‘Paul Blart’ movies. It’s unclear what exactly he was doing inside the mall, but the stunt pissed off enough customers and biz owners that real cops arrested him.

The Nelk Boys’ legion of fans briefly made #FreeKyle a trend on Twitter. He was eventually released on $750 bond, and after the grand jury’s decision … he’s now free to dial up more pranks. He’s had a pretty good week – he just launched his new seltzer line called Happy Dad as well.

For the uninitiated, do yourself a favor and watch what’s arguably the Nelk Boys’ best YouTube prank … where they head to Venice to sell Coke before cops get involved. 😅