Zimbabwe: UK Woman Heeds President’s Call

In a clear positive response to President Mnangagwa’s call for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to invest back home in various sectors of the economy, a Mahusekwa woman living and working in the United Kingdom has partnered Marondera Rural District Council to construct a clinic in Ward 11 of Marondera West Constituency.

Ms Agnes Makoni is funding the entire construction.

On completion, the clinic will benefit thousands of villagers in Wards 9, 11 and 12.

Construction of the clinic structure is now 70 percent complete.

It will have a maternity ward where expecting mothers would be assisted.

When The Herald visited the site, builders drawn from the community, were busy working on the structure.

Ward 11 Councillor, Alderman Matthew Mazhazha, thanked Ms Makoni for her desire to boost primary healthcare in the area.

“This clinic will assist villagers in Wards 11 and 12 who are walking long distances to the nearest clinic. We travel by buses to clinics like Madamombe while some are walking to Chimbwanda Clinic,” he said.

“The most painful challenge we are facing is when some of the rivers we cross to the clinics are flooded. This means we will not be able to get medical assistance. This clinic built here is at a central point and most people will have to walk a short distance to get attention. As communities here in Nyandoro, we are thankful for this development.

“We want to thank our partner in the Diaspora for this. She is our child who was born here and we are happy. We also thank the New Dispensation under President Mnangagwa for calling out to everyone to take an active role in building our country through his mantra, ‘Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’.”

He said the construction of the new clinic was one of the positive results of the President’s call.

Councillor Mazhazha implored other Diasporans to plough back home in any way they can, to prosper the country.

Makoni village health worker, Ms Alice Mashozhera, said the completion of the clinic will bring relief to the people.

“When I heard one of our children is funding the construction of this clinic, I was delighted. The distance some of the people are walking to the nearest clinic is long and my wish is for a speedy completion of this clinic.

“Some cross two rivers to the nearest clinic, which is a challenge if those rivers are flooded. The distance is too much for pregnant women and the girl child.

“These days a lot of girls are at a risk of being raped so for them to walk for a long distance alone, is putting them at risk. Some pregnant women end up giving birth at home, which is discouraged, but I am happy because they will be helped here once the clinic is complete.”

Mr Tichaona Chizhande, from Makoni Village, commended the work being done.

“I am happy that one of our own is building a clinic for us. Soon we will receive treatment here and it is something we are excited about,” said Mr Chizhande.

Speaking from the United Kingdom, Ms Agnes Makoni said the challenges faced by people in her community pushed her to embark on the project.

“I love my community. I am focusing on the construction of this clinic so that people from my community can be assisted.

“The clinic will be there to serve the community. What drove me is the situation people from my communities face when in need of medical assistance.

“I remember a few years back, I lost my mother Priscah Makoni, who was diabetic. She could not get assistance in time because we are located in between two rivers and on that day, the rivers were flooded and could not be crossed and she died,” she said.

Ms Makoni thanked the Government for availing land for the clinic’s construction.

She also praised Marondera Rural District Council and chairman of the clinic’s committee, Mr Jerold Sasa for working tirelessly on the project.

She called upon other Zimbabweans living in Diaspora to invest back home.