Zimbabwe: We Will Defend Our Right to Vote

The regime in Zimbabwe is so disdainful of the will & wishes of the people of Zimbabwe. Barely a month into it’s controversial term of illegitimacy, the regime has decided to further aggravate it’s illegitimacy by unawlfully recalling CCC Zimbabwe
elected officials using a bogus letter written & deployed by Tshabangu, a stooge to many faces that are yet to come to the open.

We will defend our right to vote, our freedom to choose, our constituency & our democracy with everything that we have got.  It cannot & will not be business as usual. There comes a time where one has to draw a line in the sand, stand up & defend their dignity. Such a time has come. The people of Zimbabwe must & will take a stand. Otherwise there would be no point in voting only for the regime to willfully & woefully remove elected officials.

We also warn those among us who are working with ZANU PF to destroy the people’s movement. God will punish you, the people are hurting, the struggle has been long & painful. Your day reckoning shall come. We know you. We shall name & shame you!

To the generality of our Citizens, President Nelson Chamisa remains our political campus. We will never let you down, we will never sell the people’s cause. Together we can stand & bring an end to all this madness!

We are the majority!