25 Gift Ideas That Are Gonna Sell Out (So Buy Them Now)

The holiday season is upon us, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to start letting your brain dig into a gazillion gift ideas for all your loved ones. We’re here to help. But it’s a good thing you’re reading this right now, because in 2023, you’ve gotta act fast. 

Yes, this year, you’ll need to plan ahead; some highly coveted items are going to sell out well before you start seeing wreaths on doors and festively decorated anti-shoplifting robots in your local supermarkets. Those hella-favorited tech gadgets or sick kicks might go in and out of stock so often that by the time you’re ready to add to cart, your size or color of choice is long gone, and the sweetest streetwear drops of the year always disappear in a flash. 

That’s why we put together this short list of some great holiday gift ideas that we think are going to sell out fast (based on hype level, our shopping savvy, and available data from previous years), so don your virtual suit of armor, saddle up your shopping cart, and ride your steel e-horse on down to the aisle of the internet that has all of 2023’s hot-ticket holiday gifts. Again, don’t panic—but also, don’t procrastinate.

It’s gamer szn 

There’s no better excuse to hole up and play video games all day than chilly weather. (Extra points if it’s raining.) The best gaming consoles are sure to sell out fast in the coming weeks, so if you’re planning on buying one, we suggest you move that to the top of your to-do list. You can’t go wrong with a Nintendo Switch (especially considering Super Mario Bros. Wonder just came out), but if having a separate gaming device will turn you into an addict, BACKBONE’s super-popular mobile gaming controller will transform your iPhone into a gaming console on the go.


One Mobile Gaming Controller

$99.99 at Amazon


Nintendo Switch OLED Model 64GB Gaming Console with White Joy-Con

$349 at Amazon

The latest Apple tech

It’s time: You’ve held the line for far too long, and despite your best attempts, nobody thinks you’re analog-cool with those ancient earphones you bought on your last flight. AirPods Max make a great gift for a loved one, but also slap as a self-gift, because, let’s be honest: You’ve earned it (and they’re on sale). And while you’re at it, consider grabbing an Apple Watch; many of the coolest colors and band styles are already low in stock.


Apple Watch Series 9

$399.99$349 at Amazon

The best advent calendars of 2023

OK, hear us out: Instead of an advent calendar depicting a Thomas Kinkade-esque illustration of a snow-covered village, how about one with 24 different sex toys? Much more exciting. It’s already sold out on Lovehoney, so make sure to catch it on Womanizer before it’s too late.

Lovehoney x Womanizer

Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar (24 Piece)

$502$149 at Womanizer

Or, instead of ye olde advent calendar filled with chocolate and candy, why not give someone in your life one that’s filled to the brim with whiskey or wine? Or perhaps they’re more into one that’s packed with high-end skincare products or candles? Either way, the best advent calendars are essentially like a cheat code for giving a special person in your life 25 gifts at once—the gift-giving equivalent of asking a magic genie for an infinite amount of wishes. These non-tradish advent calendars—like Dyptique’s limited-edition advent and In Good Taste’s super-popular wine cal—are slam dunks. 

In Good Taste

Wine Advent Calendar

$139.99 at In Good Taste

A limited G-Shock collab between giants

Let’s see how many big names we can fit into one sentence, shall we? Fine watch purveyor Hodinkee has partnered with John Mayer to curate a series of special limited edition G-Shock watches, and the first two have been collabs with Ed Sheeran and Online Ceramics. Both are out now, and if John Mayer’s previous G-Shock watches are any indication, these won’t last long.


Ref. 5600 By Online Ceramics For Hodinkee

$185 at Hodinkee


Ref. 6900 – Subtract By Ed Sheeran For Hodinkee

$185 at Hodinkee

A super limited edition knife

Made In’s limited edition knives have a cult following of their own. When the cookware and kitchen gear company’s heavy duty cleaver originally dropped, it sold out super quickly; the more recently released cheese knife will likely have the same fate. Somehow, both are in stock right now.

Made In

Limited Edition Ebony Wood Cleaver Reissue

$199 at Made In

Marshall’s Acton III speaker

Looks like an amp, performs like a killer sound system: Marshall’s Acton III speaker is a pick that keeps on giving for a recipient who values both style and substance in their audio gear. Plus, we read on Deux Moi that this speaker is a frequent gift from celebs to their friends, families, and assistants—so it’s even vetted by the rich and famous.


Acton III Bluetooth Speaker

$279.99 at Marshall

A very delicious candle

Listen, we know how crazy this is going to sound, but bear with us. Boy Smells—aka one of our fave candle brands ever—did a limited collab with Magnolia Bakery to recreate the scent of the cult eatery’s banana pudding… and it’s actually amazing. We’re literally burning one right now. It was out of stock for a while, but as of us writing this list, it’s available again, so hop to it.

Boy Smells x Magnolia Bakery

Banana Pudding Candle

$48 at Boy Smells

Weighted blankets: not just for depressed people 

If you’ve never experienced the safety and snuggliness of a perfect weighted blanket, you—or the person you choose to gift this to—are in for quite the treat. Imagine being swaddled by a small, flat bear that gently compresses you into hibernation. [Eyes begin to get heavy, Bob Ross enters the chat.] The Gravity Weighted Blanket is made with a premium micro-fleece duvet cover and is “the world’s most popular weighted blanket,” according to its website. (So, yeah, this one might sell out pretty quickly.)

Gravity Blankets

Gravity Weighted Blanket

$250 at Gravity Blankets

On-demand ice cream? We’re listening

We’ve already tested and LOVE the TikTok-famous Ninja Creami ice cream machine for its ability to turn simple ingredients (including protein drinks like Premier Protein) into soft-serve the consistency of a Wendy’s Frosty, and it’s the perfect gift for ice cream addicts trying to cut down on the amount of dough they spend at artisanal scoop shops. It keeps going in and out of stock, so buy now before it has a weeks-long waitlist.


Ninja CREAMi 7-in-1 Ice Cream Maker

New travel bag swag

Is a surprise trip to Hawaii not in the cards this year? Cushion the blow with a really cool (and practically iconic) Weekender bag from Béis to take on the train to your in-laws. The designers at Béis really thought of everything—packing this bag is way easier (and better) than cramming everything into a duffle and hoping for the best. There’s a separate bottom compartment for toiletries and shoes, an interior padded laptop pocket, and a sleeve on the back, so it can effortlessly sit securely on top of your luggage without falling off every three feet. 

The Always Pan…

The cult-favorite Always Pan is a consistent best-seller, and it’s only going to get more coveted during the holidays. It’s designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware (fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest) and is compatible with all cooktops, so you don’t have to worry about your janky-ass electric stove tarnishing this kitchen workhorse. It’s also made with an exclusive, non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating.

The one robe to rule them all

Tekla is the GOAT when it comes to classic, cozy bathrobes that are perfect for father figures of all ages and genders. And reliably, every winter, its best robes sell out way before we’re done with our Santa duties and don’t come back into stock till the Boxing Day sales have subsided. Don’t be a doofus; snag one now and make someone happy.


Blue Classic Bathrobe

$210 at SSENSE

A beanie with built-in headlamp 

Take a moment and assess your current headlamp situation. Our guess is that it’s either a) nonexistent, or b) could use an upgrade. (Or, if you already have a dope headlamp, may we interest you in some more sweet gear?) This one-size-fits-most beanie has a built-in headlamp that’s perfect for running, hiking, or reading menus in dimly lit restaurants. It was also included in Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2021 and has been selling out ever since.

Head Lightz

Head Lightz Beanie

$29.99 at Amazon

For Deadheads who no longer “burn”

Here’s a gift idea for the resident hardcore-guy-turned-Deadhead in your life: Joya Studios’ Grateful Dead edition bear candle, which not only fills our minds with placid, smiley, hippie vibes, but also has an addictive scent with notes of jasmine, bergamot, cedar leaves, Italian mandarin, and cardamom.


Grateful Dead Edition Sculptural Bear Candle

$90 at SSENSE

Mix things up a little 

Having a KitchenAid stand mixer on your countertop is one of the ultimate power moves, in our opinion. Just think: You (or a lucky person in your life that you’ll be gifting this to) can finally make all of those delicious-looking MUNCHIES baking recipes. Actually, you can do pretty much any task that involves mixing with this thing, from incorporating batter and whipping cream to kneading dough and making sauces. They often go in and out of stock—so if you’re gonna be The Good Gift Giver, plan now. If they’re not picky about the color, the 4.5-quart Mixer is on sale for over $100 off on both Amazon and Walmart.


4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Tombolo is ready for cooler weather

We’re huge fans of Tombolo, makers of incredible all-gender leisurewear, and this quilted catch n’ release jacket is the perfect gift for the seaside-obsessed person in your life. Like everything from the brand, it’s bound to sell out, so snag it now and wear it every time you want to close your eyes and dream you’re soaking up the sun while eating a lobster roll despite the fact that it’s too cold to actually put your toes in the sand. Did we mention that it’s waterproof and reversible?


‘Catch N’ Release’ Quilt

$298 at Tombolo

Ghia’s groovy glasses

Non-alcoholic spirit brand Ghia released these 70s-chic glasses in collaboration with vibey glassware maven Sophie Lou Jacobsen, and they look prime for sipping dirty martinis out of while you fire up the record player. This year, the brand launched two new colorways and we’d be willing to bet a jar of Luxardo cherries that both will sell out, so add ‘em to your cart now (and then add ‘em to your bar cart).


Ghia x Sophie Lou Jacobsen Totem Glasses

$110$71.50 at Ghia

At-home cupping is a thing now

Photos can make cupping therapy seem quite daunting, but in reality, it is great for helping soothe sore muscles and increasing blood circulation in certain areas. While the ancient technique requires a professional, Therabody now has a fool-proof device to deliver similar results from the luxury of your own home.

Polaroids are perfect for parties

Even though we’re all walking around with a camera in our pockets 24/7, there’s something about the novelty and the tangibility of Polaroids. The Polaroid Now is an instant photo booth setup, a great party favor, and a steal at just over $100. Score.


Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera

$119.99 at Amazon

Shop hard, live fast, and enjoy the ride. 

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