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Myko deserved that stage better than anyone else! – Maurice Kirya about Myko Ross.

Musician Maurice Kirya has come out to condn the act of bouncers pulling Myko Ross of Ginuwine’s stage over the weekend. Below Is What Maurice Has To Say. I just got off the phone with my brother Myko Ross, just to check on him! when I was younger, Myko and I would meet at my mother’s house and practice dancing, …

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To hell With Rich Men. – Cindy Trashes Rich Men For broke Guys!

Dancehall diva, Cinderella Sanyu, best known by her stage name Cindy has come out to save the broke guys after applauding them for having real love. “I have dated, cohabited, done it all but rich men are proud. They think having money means they own your life yet on the other hand broke guys are also nagging,” Cindy revealed this …

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God Has Given Me A Second Chance To Live – Singer Jackie Chandiru Resurfaces From Pastor Kayanja’s Miracle Center, Advised To Give Her Voice To God.

Singer Jackie Chandiru yesterday evening appeared at Rubaga-based Miracle Center Cathedral where she had her debut public appearence ever-since the drugs saga. While at the cathedral, Jackie revealed how she never believed she was still alive. “God Has Given You a Second Chance To Live” Pr. Robert Kayanja asked her. She replied saying it was true and that she was …

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Irene Namubiru Names Guy Who Saved Her Life From Boat Cruise Accident.

Irene Namubiru has come out to name the guy who saved her from drowning. Below Is Her Statement Here is MASOLE BRIAN a student at KIU who saved my life AND MANY others’. He went back to the lake 3 times until there were no other people alive. Brian and other fellow stud3nts had hired their boat to go have …

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He needs to brush his mouth. – Chameleone, Weasel Rap Bebe Cool.

While appearing on National Television with Weasel and Palaso in Rwanda, Chameleons frankly advised his fellow musician; Bebe Cool to brush his mouth. Chameleone was responding to a question from the presenter who wanted his opinion about Bebe Cool’s words where he said he does not know Weasel manizo. “I respect him because he is a legend.” Chameleon said. “but …

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