I Am here looking for Bebe In Every Clinic. – A Pass Mocks Bebe Cool After Being Chased Offstage.

Singer APass has come out to laugh at his longtime friend Bebe Cool who was yesterday chased off the Swangz Avenue stage by revellers.

A Pass could not help but laugh at his friend who was chased off stage.

“I am here looking for Bebe in every small clinic, is my friend okay.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂on another hand, its high time beer and soft drink companies start serving people at shows in disposable cups because the rate at which bottles were flying at muzukulu is appalling. #FreeBobiWine #SwangzAllstar.” He wrote

Bebe Cool was yesterday (Friday 31 August) chased offstage by bottles and stones from revellers on political grounds. Word has it that the revellers were not okay with the series of communication that the Gagamel boss has been releasing in regards to the ongoing security situation.