Fast Moving Train Rams Into A Trailer Along PortBell Road.

An fast moving Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) passenger train hit a trailer, registration number KCA 351V rammed into a trailer yesterday(Friday) at around 8PM as the trailer was crossing the railway, however no life was lost. The trailer that was knocked down by the train which was  coming from Kampala passing via  Wakonko region  port bell  road and this accident  made …

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All tax drivers will follow what was discussed in the meeting with president Museveni.- Association Chairman.

After rumor circulating that some of the taxi drivers in Kampala  have vowed not pay the money they agree upon earlier on in a meeting, Mustafa Mayambala, the chairman of Drivers and Conductors Central Association (DACCA) has come out to clear the airwaves. In his words Mayambala says, “All tax drivers will follow what was discussed about in the meeting …

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