Help me to bear my pain gallantly, cheerfully and patiently. – Hon. Betty Nambooze Writes Tear-dropping Letter From India.

Days after Mukono Member of Parliament Hon.Betty Nambooze Bakirekke reached India where she is meant to receive treatment, the legislator has written an emotional prayer to God.

Nambooze’s letter basically explains how much pain she is going through and how she needs the courage to go through it.

Below is Nambooze’s Full Prayer.

Lord Jesus, you know what pain is like. You know the torture of the scourge upon your back, the sting of the thorns upon your brow, the agony of the nails in your hands. You know what I’m going through just now. Help me to bear my pain gallantly, cheerfully and patiently, and help me to remember that I will never be tried above what I am able to bear, and that you are with me. I ask you not, O lord, to rid me of my pain; but grant me in your mercy that my pain may be free from waste, unfretted by rebellion against your will, unsoiled by thought of myself, purified by love of others and ennobled by devotion to your kingdom through the merits of your only son, our Lord. Amen.

Nambooze was rushed to India for an operation after several days of police arrest on allegations that she had questions to answer about Abiriga’s death.

Before being arrested, Nambooze’s was meant to fly out for treatment, a plan that went futile after police curbed her. She says that during police custody she attained more injuries especially with her back sighting out the incident where the ambulance in which police was transporting her collided with a police patrol.

Nambooze was later cleared and flew to India where she is currently.