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Uganda’s Paul Zuluka’s Charges R400 To Have Sex With Both Married And Unmarried Women Whose Men Don’t Satisfy Them.

Paul Zuluka said his job is to satisfy women in bed. “This is the best idea I’ve ever had. I love s.ex and am great at it, so I enjoy every moment. I get money for doing something I love,” said 27-year-old Paul Zuluka from Meadowlands, Soweto. “I help married women keep their relationships going and reduce their stress.” He …

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Top Seven Reasons Why You Might Get Rejected On Your First Date!

Reasons why dumbed on first date. Well be back from Easter season, hope  things went on well. Recently I had a conversation with my friend in Rwanda who told me he was trashed on his first date and this got me perplexed. After a lengthy chat, I had to sit down and compile compile this for you. Reasons For Your …

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Reasons Why 90% Of Relationships Fail!

Hey Ejazz readers thank you for the love and support , as we get into Easter moods i thought it would be nice if i highlighted some of the things that fail our relationships so we can avoid them. Many people are facing  stressful relationships and some of them really dont know that they are the cause of the stress  …

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5 Top Things To Carry On After Valentine’s Day In A Relationship.

Welcome back from Valentine’s day hope you guys enjoyed it. Today we are taling about things that shouldn’t go with Valentine’s day as below; Trust me you guys did a lot on this day all in all to make your partner happy. So why should you do such sweet things only on Valentine’s day. It is far much better to …

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Fateful Valentine’s Day For Musician Diamond Platnumz. Better half Zari Dumps Him.

14 th February every single year (Valentine’s Day) is a day of celebrating love with our beloved ones and friends, it’s been a sign of showing our love to others. This wasn’t the case for Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan The Boss Lady and her hubby Diamond Platnumz of Wasafi Records. The two have been dating for close to three years …

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