Reasons Why 90% Of Relationships Fail!

Hey Ejazz readers thank you for the love and support , as we get into Easter moods i thought it would be nice if i highlighted some of the things that fail our relationships so we can avoid them.
Many people are facing  stressful relationships and some of them really dont know that they are the cause of the stress  in them where they end up breaking up;


97% of people in relationships do lie to their partners. This is kind of okay for its very hard to keep truthful. However when it gets to the worst! i tends to become irritating and annoying causing cracks in the relationship. The funny thing is, even the top most liar will not want to be lied to.

Poor hygiene

Many people in the stage of courtship do a lot of making up, shaving , washing , brushing even perfuming in order to look nice and attractive am so sure if it wasn’t your nature before you did this to win someone’s heart but what happens after winning it you get used to your partner then stop everything this will make your partner uncomfortable

Quarrelsome partners

To much quarreling in a relationship turns it a total hell. well this is normal  but when over done or done to the extreme it cant tend to cause danger and cause breakup.

Unappreciative partner

Many people don’t appreciate what their partners are and do in a relationship meaning they are unsupportive this weakens your partner leading to insecurity in a relationship.


Disrespectful partners

This kind of people do things that are too disrespectful just because they are used to each other some beat , insult, don’t great, others also fart just near by and other bad habits all the mentioned are common yet are all rubbish this makes it boring


Unapologetic Partners

Here I mean some people tend to be too proud and selfish. Some fail to say sorry when its really needed if you have done a mistake their is a strong reason one should apologise to your lover to keep the relationship. Sorry is a small word which does wonders.


Peer pressure

Sometimes some people in a relationship always drive it on parents, relatives and friends advice and backgrounds and they will always thinks they are right yet a times they are wrong this will lead a relationship a total mess period and a times your should learn how to stir advice my friend


Boring sex

Some times when we spend time with our loved ones we get used to them meaning also when we are in bed things are more likely to change here we fail to give them the best as we used to do, sex turns to be boring getting the relationship at risk so try to be creative more and more with bed issues even if research is needed do it to make sex sweet and interesting.

Past events

Some people get in relationships with their past relationships problems such problems affect this young relationships and wont work out making it hard and stressful.


Empty promises

Some people are funny they tend to manage everything at the end of it all when they fail they make empty promises this habit hurts so much failing the relationship.

My dear readers try to manage your relationships well and keep them interesting enjoy this holy season and may God bless you.