List Of Things Things To Do As You Prepare For This Valentine.

Valentine’s day is a well known day for love birds, on this day lovers do a lot to prove their feelings to their partners so my dear readers in love, right below is how you should prepare for this day;

Understand this day; first of all understand this day ” Valentine’s day” its a day of true lovers, true love and total romance. If your faking love to anyone no need to celebrate it.

Plan comfortably in time.
You still have time to reach this yummy day plan for it comfortably, step by step, for you to make it a memorable day for the two of you. This has things to do with whatever you’ll buy for each other, where you’ll have to go and basically how you’ll spend the day.

Budget For the Day
After  planning and knowing all that you need, please make a budget and start saving some money for those good places you are planning to go , the romantic gifts your planning to offer your partner in order to avoid embarrassment and probably empty promises.

Choose the right place;
My dear am not really sure of where you have chosen to celebrate this day I know some of you are planning to have it from home, others planning to go out on islands, beaches, hotels much more but my point is; think of the most right place where the two of you will be more comfortable. And do booking in time if necessary. An example would be the place where the two of you met if its a happening place like a bar, hotel or a beach so as to get the feel of your memories or probably a place that she has never been too but has always wanted to visit. However the key word here is “Romance” so don’t go to a place that s not romantic, for instance if you met at work.

Book your partner;
This sounds hilarious but its important. Especially for the “not-yet-married” couples and the married ones by the way. As you are preparing for this special day let your partners know that you want to celebrate this day with them , call it booking your partner in order to avoid excuses like ‘ I can’t make it’. However don’t do it directly you can probably keep asking them about their programs around the Valentine’s day dates, not exactly 14th but the day before and the one after.

We shall get in touch next Monday with more of the valentine’s package.