Newly Married Doctors Helped Road Accident Victim On Their Way To Their Wedding Reception.

Newly married doctors stopped to help victims of a traffic accident on their way to their wedding reception.

Sarah and Jonathan were doctors that had just been married and were on their way to their wedding reception. They were foreign tourists in Krabi, Thailand when they decided to get married. Despite being off-duty from their medical work, the couple still showed how dedicated they were to save lives on their wedding day.

On February 17, the two doctors had just finished their wedding ceremony and were on their way to a hotel for their wedding banquet. While on the road, the newly married doctors witnessed a pick-up truck and motorcycle collide in the Nong Thale sub-district of Krabi.

The motorcycle driver was lying on the ground with injures to both legs. Both Sarah and Jonathan didn’t hesitate to help the injured 21-year-old. They called to authorities to report the accident. They waited for the rescue team, the couple treated the man with first aid and made sure he was safe.

Jonathan held the man’s head stable until the paramedics came. While Sarah was treating his leg injuries after diverting traffic. They were still both wearing their wedding gown and suit but they didn’t mind. They were just concerned for the man.

The young man’s injuries were, thankfully, not life-threatening. He was immediately rushed to the hospital after the rescue team arrived for further treatment.

Before the doctors were identified the story of their heroic act went viral on social media. Former rescue unit volunteer Somsak Srijan captured the touching moment in a video and uploaded it on social media. It was also Somsak who identified the couple like Sarah and Jonathan.