By Lillian Rebecca BAYIYANA.

First dates are always nerve- wracking, but its you to make it fun especially when dating someone you like at heart. Its always good to make a guy yearn for  more dates with you just because of the unforgettable brain – boosting strategies you used on your first date with him. Their is nothing interesting like a man calling you every time he thinks of going put on the date. So these are things that make first dates memorable and unforgettable.

Visual expression, most of our brains are dedicated to visual processing, so when we change our eyes in the different directions it changes the way how our brain thinks so when you look some one in the eyes it will help him remember those good things that you both shared on that day and he will think that all your attention is on him.

Don’t be distracted. The most irritating thing in life is going with someone out and she puts her attention on phone even when it is not called for. This makes the person bored and hoping to look for an exit.

Avoid discussing your problems or flaws. We all have problems and when someone takes you out on the date he just want to refresh his minds especially with the person he “hearts” so much. If you start discussing your flaws on  the date,he will feel insecure and will never call you again when he ends to relax.

Start up a conversations, Don’t wait for him to start up a jazz, though sometimes over talking my be dangerous. it’s always good to start up a conversation and make sure you do not rely on knowing each other because this can wreck the vibe.

Don’t over drink. The mistake ladies do on their first date is showing someone that alcohol is their best  hobby. And it is more important to them than even the stories the person is telling them. If you take a lot of alcohol you may end up doing nasty things which will a shame you and your date. So it’s better you take little and if possible do away with any thing toxic on the first date.

Be spontaneous. Sometimes the most memorable events aren’t planned, so be flexible on your first date. If the opportunity comes for the two of you to do something exiting for example, if your chosen to open up a dance don’t lock yourself in a sit, please take it. This will stick into his head and he will always remember this.

Tell him you had a great time. Leave things on the positive not by telling him that you enjoyed the date . keep on mentioning some funny things that happened on that day and remind him of how cool he was. Tell him it was a great time and it was good that he witnessed your epic nacho fail. this seems to be simple but it has a feeling it gives to the person your dating.