Galaxy Fm’s Evelyn M!C Vows To Sue Alien Skin

Radio and Tv personality Evelyn M!C has reported musician Alien Skin to the police for assault. Social media users have been spreading rumors that the Fangone Forest president smacked the Spark TV and Galaxy fm presenter during Galaxy FM’s Zzina Carnival this past weekend.

The TV host has long maligned the Party singer, the exact cause of this altercation is unknown. Alien is also recognized as a violently rebellious musician. This time, he made the decision to attack the contentious host. Evelyn said that the singer had attacked, slapped, and humiliated her during this occasion.

She also claimed to have experienced emotional abuse, mental harassment, and disdain. Because performers believe they are above the law, she wants justice for herself and everyone else who has been harmed by them.

“*Statement on my Assault by Alien Skin*

Friends, on Sunday the 5th of May 2024 while officiating as an MC at the Galaxy FM Zzina , I was violently slapped, humiliated and assaulted near stage by singer Alien Skin at the Galaxy Zzina Carnival at Forest Park Buloba

I feel harassed mentally emotionally abused and manipulated and nonetheless disrespected. And I come out seeking justice for myself and anyone else who has been harassed by inhumane in the entertainment industry that think they are above the law.

I have reported the incident to Buloba Police station and opened a criminal case against Alien Skin under SD REF: 02/06/05/2024. I have also instructed my lawyers – Katende Ssempebwa & Co. Advocates to pursue the prosecution of the case until justice prevails.”

Several people have come out to sympathize with her. They want the singer to face punitive action if he indeed assaulted the MC. This is not the first time that the Sitya Danger singer has been involved in scuffles with different entertainers.