Weasel Manizo Laughs At Bebe Cool’s Alleged Failure to Clear Haircut Debt.

After learning about Bebe Cool’s alleged failure to clear his debt worth 3M Uganda shillings to city barbet; Mart Barber.

Read Story Here: Bebe Cool Is the Worst Debtor! – Mart Barber.

In a comment on a post by Facebook blogger Kakensa, Weasel laughed wondering how Bebe Cool could do credit haircuts!

The Radio And Weasel duo member confirmed it was him behind the comment when he ended it with #IamWeasel

Below is a screenshot of Weasel’s comment.

The two camps have been at logger heads since the early days of radio and Weasel. The duo’s Moze Radio once dated Zuena(Bebe Cool’s wife today).

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