Spice Diana Finally Spits Shocking Details On What Got Her Upset At Buzz Teeniez Awards.

Singer Spice Diana has finally revealed what actually got her pissed at the Buzz Teeniez Awards.

Spice disputed the rumour that she was feeling jealousy about Sheebah being given the award of female artist of the year saying she was only upset by the kind of organisation at the event.

“It really pisses when someone who booked you tells you you’ll be doing four songs, on arriving at the event, they tell you you’ll be doing three songs, as you head onto the stage, they tell you to do one song,” Spice Diana said.

She added that after this kind of ‘disorganisation’ she just went onto the stage and made her appearance as per the contract and then left.

“If you don’t win a Buzz you’ll win an ASFA’s’ she said.