Sheebah Karungi Set For Engagement! We Reveal The Lucky Guy.

Well it is not very easy for girls of Sheebah’s calibre to get officially married. It’s believed that such girls are not easy to bu humbled or even convinced by any man.

However, the good news we have here is that dancehall artiste Sheebah Karungi is set to walk down the aisle with a the lucky man we’re yet to identify.

Besides the lengthy list or men that rumour has attached Sheebah to including; Pallaso, Roden Y, Weasel Manizo among others, word around town establishes it that Sheebah is to get married to Jeff Kiwa as arrangements are apparently underway.

As always other sources put it that this might be a stunt to pave way for her forth coming concert!

We shall keep you updated.