Zari Hassan Advises Her Sons To B0nk Many Girls As Much As They Can

Zari Hassan, a South African based socialite from Uganda, has instructed her three elder boys to go out on dates with as many girls as they can. She expressed her desire to prevent them from dating other men.

Additionally, she will be overjoyed to have their partner visit them more frequently. Five children, from two different men, belong to Zari. The two younger sons are still younger than ten years old, and the three elder sons are already self-sufficient.

Young people today frequently experiment with their sexuality, and some end up in same-sex partnerships. Zari claimed that she was talking to her sons earlier to let them know that she did not condone any of them dating other guys.

Inquiring as to why the youngest son keeps quiet about his relationship, she made a video. or perhaps just declare that he and his partner are going to hang out.

He often tells his mother that he is going out to drink and have fun with the other men whenever he feels like going out. Zari seems to be thinking why not girls in light of this.

You never tell me you’re going out with your girlfriend or even girls who are friends. I don’t want you to introduce boys to me as your lovers. Date as many girls as you can. I am very happy to be meeting them too,” Zari added.